We have takeoff!

Namco Bandai has released promotional shots for the latest 'must have' Wii item. To our untrained eyes it looks more than a little like a traditional dance mat, a revolutionary accessory that first saw the light of day back in the Playstation era.

Here's the scoop from Kotaku:

Taking a page from Konami's DDR handbook, Bandai Namco Games is releasing a mat based title sometime this year in Japan. Called Family Trainer, the game originally appeared on the Nintendo Famicom back in 1986. The Wii version is an exercise game that uses both a bundled mat and the Wii-mote. Mini-games include log jumping, canoning, mountain "sliding", Whack-a-mole, waterfall climbing and a Temple of Doom-style train ride. Nice to see such strong third party support for the Wii, but too bad they couldn't figure out a way to get this to use the Wii Balance Board.

No screens as yet, but we're expecting something that looks like Wii Sports. We're tempted to say this will flop, but with the Wii anything can happen!

[source kotaku.com]