Dungeon crawling in Light Crusader!

Leading the pack is Treasure's Genesis RPG, Light Crusader. This is to this day probably Treasure's only Western game, featuring almost no obvious Japanese influence. It's also usually named as one of Treasure's worse games, but that's a bit wrong, as it's still quite good.

The second game is one Americans have been requesting for a while - Bubble Bobble! This is the NES version of the arcade classic, which, besides obvious differences in graphics in sound, is otherwise an exact port. So if you've got fond memories of the arcade game, this is for you!

After not getting a Neo Geo game for a while, most North Americans were hoping the next game would be The King of Fighters '94. It's not, but it's still a good game, namely Top Hunter. This is probably the closest thing to Metal Slug that will be on VC in quite a while, so if you like that series (Who doesn't, really?) then you will like this.

No fantastic games today, but all of them are still good.