Who Doesn't Like Some Greenpeace?
Image: Greenpeace

Greenpeace'ers snub Nintendo in a new energy report, designed to inform consumers of how "green" the manufacturer is.

Environmental watchdog group Greenpeace has released its latest Guide to Greener Electronics, detailing the environmental responsibility of global consumer electronics companies, and given Nintendo the first zero grade in the history of the report.

The two major criteria the guide was formulated around are companies' reduction in use of hazardous substances and availability of programs to take back and recycle obsolete products. Greenpeace notes that Nintendo has "infinite room for future improvement" as it has zero public policies on these issues.

Each company is rated in nine categories. Nintendo received a zero score in every single category, which include such criteria as its timelines for phasing out notoriously environmentally hazardous substances like PVC and its offering of information to consumers on how to recycle its products.

Okay okay okay, we all respect what Greenpeace are trying to do here, raise awareness of policies etc, but I feel this is abit of a red herring, if you look at the actual report most of the time they scored Nintendo a 0 is because they don't have the information available.. alittle harsh.

If one good thing comes out of this though, Nintendo will probably make the information more available for next years report

[source gamasutra.com]