Shinobi, except with more action, it's Rolling Thunder 2!

The other Mega Drive offering is Light Crusader, an isometric Action RPG which is somewhat similar to Landstalker. Don't ignore it - It's a Treasure game! If you've played games like Gunstar Heroes, Sin & Punishment and Alien Soldier you know they rock, and this game is no exception, despite being slightly less good than their other games. Check it out!

The non-Mega Drive offering today is Cybernator for the SNES, a fast-paced action platformer where you play as a big robotic suit and blast the heck out of everything. The opposite of Rolling Thunder 2, this is one of Damo's favourites.

That's three great games today. If you're not afraid to spend points on games you've never played (I'm pointing at you, people who call this week bad!) then this week could get expensive!