Blades of Steel is still good fun even today!

Another NES game in the shape of Skate or Die is also up for grabs on the VC today. It's quite a fun skateboarding game but unlike Blades of Steel it has aged less well. The controls feel a bit clunky by today's standards and the gameplay gets repetitive after a short while. Still childhood fans will no doubt be ecstatic to play this again - I would advise waiting to see if California Games comes out instead!

To complete the non-festive trio is a TurboGrafx-CD game: Monster Lair. This is a part of the Wonderboy series indirectly but shares little in common with the original arcade platformer or the RPG-lite incarnations of the games. Instead this game is more of a cutesy shoot-em-up and shallow platformer rolled into one. It gets repetitive quickly and compared to other similar games from the era it doesn't have much to recommend for today's audience sadly!

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