They talk a good game

Following on from the 'Iwata asks' series of interviews around the launch of the Wii, the top dog of Nintendo talks to the developers of Super Mario Galaxy about the latest Mario game.

Here's a short extract:

So we had quite a few members of the public play test Super Mario Galaxy, and in a sense, I feel like I was one of those play testers myself. Of course, we also had Miyamoto-san sample it quite a bit. But there is one major difference between Miyamoto-san and myself, and that is the fact that I'm the type that gets motion sickness from 3D games.

A game producer who gets motion sickness! (laughs)

Every time a sample was ready to go, I would take it to Shimizu-san so that he could try it out. When he said "This is no good, I'm getting dizzy", I’d say "OK, I'll fix it right away" and get on it.

So he was just like a human motion sickness sensor! (laughs)

Yes, so I stuck to my role as the sensor. So for example, if Miyamoto-san came along and said "You need to make the camera angles more extravagant or it’ll lose impact", I replied with something like "But if we do that, I’ll get motion sickness". However, the problem is that he rarely listens to what I say. Of course, when the public testers say "I get motion sickness here", then he'll say, "OK, let's fix it"! (laughs)

Its a very interesting read, highlighting some hidden aspects of the game. Part four featuring Shigeru Miyamoto is coming soon, keep checking back!