LEGO StarWars

"And so, 26th October is Star Wars day at GameCity. The festival is thrilled to be able to welcome Jonathan Smith, of developer Travellers Tales and visionary behind the Lego Star Wars phenomenon, which has brought all six films to life with the tiny, clunky charisma only Lego can bring. Presenting the complete saga of the games' development, and explaining the secret behind their prodigious success, this session will be an exceptional opportunity to see behind the scenes of a game that delighted critics and consumers alike."

Okay, it's not a certain StarWars game you may of read about, but LEGO StarWars has been a huge success over the past few years, with a very impressive outing on the Gamecube. Wii all want lightsaber action, so why not pop over to Nottingham in a few weeks (watch out for those trams though) and play the game for yourself.

GameCity 2007 happens all across Nottingham from the 24th - 28th October, 2007. GameCity is a festival celebrating the culture and potential of videogames, bringing the people who play them into contact with the people who make them - and who want to make them. Taking place across an entire city, GameCity brings gaming to huge variety of venues - from cinemas and market squares, to restaurants, cafes and schools. It remains the only event in the world to bring developers, students and lovers of interesting culture together in Indian restaurants.

Go, you shall.