Set six months on from the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on planet Aether, which saw the confrontation between Dark Samus, the Galactic Federation’s computer network has been hit by something which resembles a crippling virus, and only quick action will save the entire network from going down. Believing Space Pirates are behind the attack, The Galactic Federation calls upon Samus and a band of bounty hunters to jump into action. However, they soon discover the enemy at hand is greater than just the Space Pirates. The presumed-dead Dark Samus has returned with a sinister plan to corrupt the universe with the deadly Phazon! In their first face-off Dark Samus blasts the player and their allies with a blast of corrupted energy. What sort of effect will the Phazon have on them?

Possibly the best game on Wii so far, Metroid Prime 3 is over a year late, but it was worth the wait. We reviewed the US version last month which got an impressive 9/10 score.

We'd seriously recommend you get this game, it'll keep you busy for the few weeks before Super Mario Galaxy gets released.