iTz teh G4L4XY!

Rumours and hearsay surfaced over the weekend which eventually led to the discovery that the game had indeed been leaked onto the internet. This comes just over a week after Nintendo raided a huge warehouse in Hong Kong, seizing over 10,000 copy units for DS and Wii.

Pirates were initially foiled as the game contains new anti-modchip software which allowed Galaxy to detect if the Wii was running a modchip. However, the hacker community has managed to get around this within 24 hours releasing an update for their chips.

The source of the game is also in question, we've been led to believe that US retail stores are to blame for the leak. Apparently the demo units seen in store are actually running the full copy of the game, having just a hardware setting that automatically resets the unit after 10 minutes of gameplay.

Nintendo have yet to comment on these reports, but you can imagine they might be rethinking their demo unit procedure.

Super Mario Galaxy is released in stores on November 12th in the US, we urge you to support Nintendo and buy this game!