The hardware which allows a docking centre for your Wii Remote and Nunchuck is already confirmed to come bundled with "Link's Crossbow Training" as some exclusive software to help you get used to playing with the new peripheral.

Players will be able to buy "Link's Crossbow Training" with the Wii Zapper or seperately - the game is a spin off based upon the highly popular Zelda series.

In the game Target Shooting and Defender modes will teach you the art of, well, shooting things - while Ranger mode will add-in player movement through the Nunchuck control stick.

The most anticipated titles announced for the Wii Zapper at the moment are Ghost Squad and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, however Medal of Honour: Heroes 2 is also said to make use of the Zapper add-on.

A European price has yet to be confirmed but expect it to be somewhere in the region of £20.