"We are taking a break from the Metroid series and from Samus. So I’m sure there will be other titles created, but as far as Retro Studios is concerned, we’re taking a break for a little bit."

This comes as no real surprise, Retro have said all along that there would only be 3 games in the Metroid Prime series. It's perfectly understandable that the development team want to move onto another series and get some enjoyment back in their work. The question is, which classic Nintendo series will they work on? Anyone got suggestions on what they'd like to see?

On a personal note, my Metroid Prime journey came to an end last night, completing Corruption was rather bittersweet. The satisfaction of completing an excellent, exemplar Wii title but also the sadness knowing there probably won't be another Retro made Metroid game in this consoles lifetime.

Long live Metroid Prime.

[source digitalbattle.com]