Hold on tight!
repare to get wet as yet another N64 classic hits the Virtual Console! Wave Race 64 was one of the first games for Nintendo's 64-bit console, and it speaks volumes for the quality of the game that it's still considered one of the finest racers available. This really is the must-have download of the week.

Just in case you don't like amazing games like Wave Race, Nintendo have been kind enough to release two other titles.

Adventures of Lolo is a cute little NES title which is worth a look. It won't blow your socks off but you could certainly do a lot worse. They certainly don't make them like this anymore, which is a real shame.

Galaga '90 is one of the best versions of the game money can buy - it's just a pity that it has been released in the same week as Wave Race!

So there you have it - a pretty good week for US Wii owners, to be honest.