GC 2007

Well, not a whole lot to be honest.. I know some sites like to make a big deal outta these shows but basically this years GC wasn't that interesting for Nintendo fans, we had quite a few new game announcements but nothing of great interest... unless you like all those second rate DS games.

However during the even in Germany this week we did receive a bunch of new screenshots on some of the other games we're looking forward to from a couple of the big guns in the industry.

Capcom treated us to some more zombie-fied screenshots of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles plus a gory gameplay trailer. After E3 you might still be sniggering about the "Wii Zapper" but damn, that RE game looks kick ass to me.

Ubisoft announced quite a few weird and wonderful titles, including a "sequel" to Excitebike entitled "Nitrobike" - the jury is still out on this one, it could be pretty good but we'll have to wait and see with the final product. The Ubiz also treated us to some more Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 screenshots and a new game trailer, well done those rabbids.

In the middle of all that a couple of other things that caught our eye including Ninjabread Man (sorry, the name is just so cool) which looks surprisingly good, has anyone played the PS2 version and wants to shatter our dreams by telling us its naff?

Sega then refueled our hopes with a bumper load of Mario & Sonic screenshots which we can't wait to get hold of. Another "Zapper" title Ghost Squad also looking great with a handful more screenshots. Followed in the rear with some Bleach action, screenshots and a video.

Nintendo on the other hand were probably busy playing a US copy of Metroid Prime 3 but did find the time to squeezes some awesome Super Mario Galaxy screenshots our way along with some for the DS Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Of course EA were there aswell and wanted you all to see a final batch of screenshots for Boogie before it hits the shelves next week across Europe.

Not that we're rivals with the Germans or anything, but lets hope we can beat them with this years ECTS ... oh wait. damn.

[source gc-germany.com]