Alas, No More Convention Center

Theres a lot of speculation over what Nintendo will be showing Wii-wise, so I thought I’d compile a list of the likely titles we’re gonna see later today:

  • Mario Kart Wii - whether it comes out this year like rumours are suggesting or not, Mario Kart will be at E3. Probably controlled with the Wii Remote held sideways similar to Excite Truck. I’m expecting some alternative controls in the way missles are fired - such as throwing the turtle shells with a throwing motion, and aiming with the Remote. Will definitely be fun if Nintendo take this back to its roots (and maybe speed up the whole game?) This game will be online. Without a doubt.
  • Wii Health - the amount of coverage Nintendo is getting about the Wii being a calorie burner means they would be crazy not to get this game out as soon as possible. Expect a detailed look at the way the game plays and how it tracks your weight loss progress.
  • Wii Music - whether it will be coming as a download via the Virtual Console or as a stand alone game - expect details on this game.
  • Wii Sports 2 - I expect Nintendo to deal with the “Wii” franchise with a big triple header. Can only assume there will be an announcement for a sequel to Wii Sports, or a similar such title.
  • Kid Icarus - Pit’s in Brawl. It’s about time he had his own title again and Nintendo seem keen to revive the character.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - expect a big announcement from Nintendo regarding this game. Possibly an announcement of an unexpected character. Sonic perhaps? Or just expect Nintendo to reveal new trailers and more detailed information on the game.
  • Metroid Prime 3 & Super Mario Galaxy - new trailers and gameplay information.
  • Disaster Day Of Crisis - new trailer and plenty of new details.
  • New Channels - I expect Nintendo to announce a few new channels for the Wii today - the new popularity channel is sure to see an announcement aswell the possibility of DS demoes available for download from the Wii.
  • Virtual Console - announcements of what we can expect to see over the coming year on the Virtual Console. Sega Saturn games perhaps?

We'll keep you updated as the official news breaks. We've also heard a bunch of other rumours that might get announced, including such crazy ideas as Halo DS!