Miyamoto and his Balance Board

A Miyamoto interview is always something to saver and study, its not often the genius spills his thoughts with the media, Wired recently got a dose of his current brain activity and quizzed him with the general post-E3 questions we were all wondering.

Excerpt regarding Super Mario Galaxy:

"We've kind of had this idea for a long time, that we wanted to, from the very beginning, have it be something that everyone can play. And the core idea, actually, in terms of the gravity and running around on different spheres, were things that we were experimenting with back when we were working on Mario 128, and the 100 Marios demo, immediately after Mario 64. A lot of it was ideas that we've had for a long time. The main advantage of playing on globes or spheres rather than a big open 3D space is that the camera becomes less of an issue, to always see what you're doing. It's much easier for people who have a hard time with 3D space to navigate."

Excerpt regarding Wii Fit:

"It really goes back to our core concepts for when we were first designing the Wii. Originally, the plan was that Wii would be a device that would be placed in the living room, and as such we wanted everyone in the house to be able to use it. And the concept really ties in to Wii Channels: we wanted the Wii to become an additional set of channels for everyone in the family to use, and the only difference is that these channels, which happen to be on your TV, are interactive channels. And as long as those channels are a fun entertainment experience, then everyone in your family can sit down and take advantage of those. So the idea is that the Wii would be a device that you would not necessarily have to sit and play for hours on end, but that you could play for just a little bit of time every day."

Excerpt regarding WiiWare:

"Wii Ware is something that we've had planned all along for the system, so even though we've just announced it it's not something that's very new for me. But, our group isn't specifically focused on developing any Wii Ware. But we have in our internal development teams who are constantly doing different experiments and will have different ideas about games. And oftentimes a lot of those experiments can't be fully fleshed out into, say, a Mario game or something like that. But those individuals will often want to find a way to take those ideas to market. So it's possible that we might be able to take advantages of some of those resources and turn them into small and compact Wii Ware games."

You can sink your reading teeth into the entire article over at wired.com

[source blog.wired.com]