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16:31 - just 29 minutes until Nintendo's E3 2007 conference gets underway. The hype around the Internet is at boiling point just now, here's hoping Nintendo don't disappoint.

16:43 - less than 20 minutes to go now until the spotlight turns to Nintendo following the disappointment of Microsoft's show earlier today. There's just time for you all to read my E3 predictions from this morning.

16:51 - my feed is playing some funky music just now. I'm gonna take a toilet break before things get heated. Less than 10 minutes to go.

16:55 - "Ladies and Gentleman, the show will begin in approximately 5 minutes." KT Tunstall is ringing aloud and expectation is high. Looks like there are going to be no delays. Excellent.

16:58 - remember to keep up to date with all the happenings at the conference just to hit your F5 key on your keyboard, or alternatively press the refresh button on your browser. We'll be updating this page in real time.

17:01 - audience members are urged to take their seats. Here we go. The show is preparing to start.

17:02 - unusual talking NES starts the show. What follows is quotes from the media highlighting Nintendo's comeback to the top of video games tree. Innovative and unique intro to the show from Nintendo.

17:04 - Nintendo take jibes at their competitors highlighting how they are trumping their competition just now.

17:05 - "My name is Reggie, and I am happy." Fans favourite Reggie Fils-Aime takes to the stage. "This E3 marks a turning point to the video game market, welcoming new players to our form are entertainment." Reggie is enthusiastic as ever.

17:06 - the video game market is growing. Japan's market has grown by 114% in the past year. Nintendo have expanded the audience for video gaming. Nintendo continue to push their products to non-gamers.

17:07 - 69% of video game growth has come from Nintendo sales.

17:08 - "Nintendo DS is leading industry growth" says Reggie Fils-Aime.

17:10 - Reggie goes on to talk about Nintendo's breakthrough into the female market. 33% of Nintendo buyers are females.

17:13 - one in eight people over 50 play Wii regularly.

17:14 - Reggie tackles the sceptics that say the Wii and DS are fads. He states that the Wii has been sold out for 33 weeks and will be the biggest seller of this generation very soon.

17:18 - more footage of Nintendo's positive media coverage over the past year. Nintendo are already coming across supremely confident at this E3. They know they have control of the market at the moment.

17:18 - Nintendo announce Wii Zapper. "It's a new housing of the Wii remote and nunchuck." It looks like a machine gun.

17:19 - the Zapper will work with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Reggie claims it will be revolutionary.

17:20 - SEGA's Ghost Squad and Medal Of Honour will also be designed with the new Wii Zapper in mind.

17:21 - Nintendo are packaging the Wii Zapper with some exclusive Nintendo software for just $19.99.

17:22 - Reggie announces Soul Calibur and Smackdown Vs. Raw on Nintendo Wii.

17:22 - Ninja Gaiden is coming to the Nintendo DS.

17:23 - Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games is shown on the big screen. It looks graphically very impressive.

17:24 - Reggie turns his attention to Smash Bros Brawl. It will see a release in US on December 3rd.

17:25 - interviews with the editors from thehylia.com. They talk about their experiences with the Wii and Nintendo DS.

17:26 - Phantom Hourglass is played on stage. This shows off the way in which Phantom Hourglass will play on the DS.

17:28 - the game looks excellent. Graphically it looks very polished and the new controls give a fresh feel to the whole game.

17:29 - the girl from thehylia.com that has joined the stage in order to play Metroid Prime Corruption is hot. Period. Had to make this observation.

17:31 - Metroid Prime Corruption is looking very polished too. The Wii controls will make battling in the game "intense".

17:33 - Reggie turns his attention to online gaming. Nintendo go to hihglight all the things they have done in the way of online connectivity.

17:34 - 5.5 gamers have connected to Nintendo Wi-Fi. It's always been free.

17:35 - the Virtual Console has sold 5.6 million games.

17:36 - "Check Me Out" channel announced. You will be able to rate others Mii's, take home the ones you like most. These Mii's will be able to be entered into competitions.

17:37 - Fifa 08 and Madden NFL 08 will both be playable online via Nintendo Wi-Fi.

17:38 - Dragon Quest on Nintendo DS will also be online via. Nintendo Wi-Fi.

17:39 - One final announcement from Nintendo - Mario Kart Wii will be online in the first quarter of next year.

17:40 - Mario Kart looks more like the Nintendo 64 title and will come packaged with the "Wii Wheel".

17:42 - Nintendo make it clear that their products are for everyone. Toddlers or older gamers.

17:43 - Satoru Iwata comes onto the stage.

17:45 - Satoru Iwata uses Nintendo DS to make dinner for his family with random Nintendo DS cooking software.

17:48 - Iwata continues to announce Nintendo's objective of making games for everyone.

17:49 - Miyamoto will shortly showcase a new game developed with everyone in mind.

17:51 - a family talk about their experiences with Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii.

17:53 - "Super Mario Galaxy is over the top. It is the first worthy sequel to Super Mario 64." says Reggie.

17:54 - the game will be released November 12th in USA. UK may see it before Christmas.

17:55 - Reggie talks about MySims. Coming on Wii and DS. He then goes on to talk about High School Musical and Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2. "It's even nuttier."

17:57 - Brain Age has sold 15 million units world wide.

17:57 - an eye workout game is talked about by Reggie. Also a vocabulary game by Ubisoft is talked about called "My Word Coach".

17:58 - as attention turns to Wii Sports and the fitness aspects of the Wii, I predict the announcement of Wii Health is imminent.

18:00 - Wii Fit is announced.

18:01 - a scales like peripheral is shown. These detect which foot the player is stood on and show press ups and other such exercises being done on the product. The product looks simply amazing and is sure to invoke interest from middle aged gamers. You can track the fitness of your Mii's individually and in full detail.

18:02 - Shigeru Miyamoto takes to the stage with a group of Wii Fit users.

18:03 - "When we first thought up the concept of the Wii, this is what we thought. We thought the Wii would be placed in the middle of the living room. We wanted to make video games relevent to everyone in the home. The one aspect we wanted was health."

18:04 - get me one of those Wii Fit shirts. They look cool.

18:06 - step areobics is displayed on the big screen.

18:07 - unfortunately the game isn't working aswell Nintendo would have hoped. Something is wrong with the collaboration of the unit.

18:08 - Shigeru Miyamoto shows off the Wii Balance Board. It measures your weight and how your balance shifts while standing on the board. This can be used in new games that allow for the movement of your whole body.

18:09 - Reggie returns to the stage in order to take a Wii Bodycheck. I predicted some form of scales would come with this game.

18:10 - the Wii calculates Reggies weight via the Wii Balance Board and displays graphical representations of it's findings.

18:12 - the game appears to be very unfinished just now but the final product looks very promising.

18:13 - Miyamoto engages in a game of soccer heading with Reggie. The games presentation is similar to Wii Sports. The Balance Board is now working perfectly. The game looks very fun making use of the whole body as opposed to just the arm movements that were present with the Wii Remote.

18:15 - Reggie confirms that Nintendo are leading the industry and helping it grow. Nintendo are the ultimate interactive experience.

18:17 - the show closes with a final message of Nintendo's innovation - the main point of the whole show. Nintendo are back on top.

18:18 - the crowd files out of the conference. The spotlight is now on Sony.