Fear The Dojo!

One of the better websites for a an "in development" game was the SmashBros.com aka "Smash Bros Dojo" website. Nintendo used the site to unveil all the characters and a few secret ones, the site hasn't been updated in quite a while with a message from the games producer saying "we'll concentrate on the game for now".

Anyway's, there's been a big'ole countdown on the website this week, with the new website set to launch tomorrow. We're suspecting this could be a near final website for a near final game. Nintendo have been demoing the game at alot of events in Japan in recent weeks, so it wouldn't be any surprise to see a Japanese release date very soon. How that translates to an American release date or even European is alittle more tricky, but should easily be before Christmas.

We'll let you know what happens tomorrow when the site goes live.

[source smashbros.com]