Grr, Charged Bowser

"Precision passing, skilful saves and phenomenal goals are not all that make up the beautiful game as Mario Strikers: Charged Football adds that little bit extra to one of Europe’s favourite sports. All the rules are gone, as Nintendo introduces a whole new type of football to Wii, where fouled players get special treats with which to avenge themselves and devastating special moves replace set-plays as the ideal way to score!"

After a relatively successful original on the Gamecube, Mario Smash Football, Nintendo seem to be making quite a big deal of Mario Strikers: Charged Football for Wii, probably because its the first online game to hit Western shores. The game is out today, we've managed to grab ourselves a copy and should be posting a review over the bank holiday weekend.

"Mario Strikers: Charged Football is the first Wii game in Europe to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service adding a whole new level of competition to the game as players can take on opponents from across Europe to find the champion of the pitch! Players can also compete in ranked tournaments, earning points for each win and the most spectacular goal scored."

Into arcade football titles? You should probably pick this one up, its like Mario Kart, but footie. Remember to check back in a few days for our review.