I Have All Your Games
Image: Susan Goldman / Nintendo of America

GameDaily BIZ have translated the fiscal press conference, Nintendo's President has stated that Hardcore gamers will be happy by the end of the year with 3 key releases.

"So when can we expect some of Nintendo's "AAA" first-party games? According to Iwata, Nintendo will be able to satisfy the hardcore gamers this year. "[Concerning] when we will fulfill the hard-core gamers' titles lineup: It will be from around the end of this summer to the end of this year. We will then launch a new title of Super Mario (Super Mario Galaxy), Smash Brothers (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and Metroid Prime (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) although the last one is primarily for the overseas markets," he said. "These will be the key titles for the period ranging from the summer until the holiday sales season of this year... Ideally, we should have had one such title already in the spring in order to create a better flow. At the same time, we are strongly holding the belief that we must raise the quality level if we need to introduce something new to our customers. We wanted to avoid a situation where these flagship titles were introduced when they were not perfectly tuned up. Please allow us that it is taking time."

Okay, so that makes it sound like Galaxy, Brawl and Corruption all out this year - that very well might happen in Japan, does this mean we'll see Galaxy or Brawl this year outside of the far east? Lets hope so.

[source biz.gamedaily.com]