Don't Leave Me Alone James!

After a bunch of rumours and hearsay, it now seems that thanks to Cubed3 we can confirm that a port of Alone In The Dark 5 is heading to the portable DS sometime this year. Previously the title was only due for Xbox360, PS3 and PC, but now the handheld? Personally I would of preferred to see a Wii version (which is still on the cards, but not official), here's what Eden have said about the Next Gen edition:

"Our new format for Alone in the Dark greatly enhances the pace and tension, keeping players permanently hooked into the engrossing story surrounding the mysteries of Central Park and beyond,” said David Nadal, Game Director, Eden Games. “You barely have time to breathe before the next cliffhanger hits you…”

This news comes on the back of a handful of rumours, so we'll take this with a pinch of salt as we're set to see official confirmation, a number of other games are set to be released by Atari, they are:

  • Tabaluga 2, set for September 2007
  • Lucky Luke: Go West!, set for November 2007.
  • Asterix Olympic Games, set for January 2008
  • Cooking, described as a enterprise-simulation set for a release in February 2008
  • Fashion Academy, also set for February 2008

We'll let you know more as news filters through.