I Own You On Brawl.

"During the recent Snake Vs. Zombie event in Japan, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai invited Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima to a quick game of Super Smash Bros. on the Wii.

In the match, Karai played as Mario, while Kojima played as Snake (of course). Kojima said in a recent podcast the game feels “very complete” and “a lot of fun” and could be released tomorrow with Nintendo selling millions of copies of Super Smash Bros.

It’s good to hear Kojima enjoyed his time with Smash Bros., especially with the way Snake played. I was concerned that Snake’s fighting mechanics might not work out too well in Smash Bros., but this latest report has got my hopes up that Snake might actually be a contender."

Easily one of the most anticipated games for Wii, it sounds like development has progressed very nicely as Nintendo are starting to demo the game at events. We'll hopefully still see a release before the end of the year.

[source 1pstart.com]