Wii Music was seemingly unveiled at last years E3 whereby the gamer uses the Wii Remote as a baton in order to conduct an orchestra of Mii characters. Interestingly a stripped down form of this gameplay was seen in Wario Ware Smooth Moves. In Wii Music gamers will be able to take control of single musicians aswell as send tunes they have composed to other Wii gamers.

Wii Health intends to cash in on the "Wii For Exercise" trend that seems to have developed lately. Apparently (and this sounds cool) the Wii will record your workout data and send it to a local hospital for analysis. According to reports the hospital then gives you an indepth report on how healthy you are. I'm not sure how bogus that information is but if true Wii Health could be a real hit amongst the middle-agers. In an attempt to get some concrete information on this SPOnG.com emailed Nintendo UK who responded:

“We are not making any official announcements.”

Anyway - here's what George Katrinakis had to say - whether he's fibbing or not, time will tell:

"At this point of time, the Metroid Prime 3 is expected and the line of circulation for the Wii climaxes with two products that I do not believe... can be categorized. The reason for the Wii Health Pack and the Wii Music that will circulate at the end of this year. In the Wii Music the user taking the Wii Remote in his hands will be able to use it as baton in order to compose his music. In his television will be portrayed an orchestra of musicians and while they play some default music, he will have the possibility of intervening and declaring a specific musician (e.g the pianist) to solo, composing the musical piece that the user wishes. The music composition that will be created from each user, will be stored and could be dispatched to his friends ".

"On the other hand, the Health Pack (according to first reports) will give the possibility to the consumer of executing certain exercises, where all the biometric elements will be transported via the corresponding channel that will exist in the Wii to a hospital. Wii will have a contract for such a service with a hospital in every country. After certain hours the results of the check up will arrive back in the user's house!"

Bear in mind Greek is a tricky language to translate and there may be errors in this translation.

[source spong.com]