Full title being, Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, was first released on the PC late last year and came into some mixed reviews.

"Using the Wii’s original “Wiimote®” controller, gameplay in traditional PC adventure games can be taken to a whole new level of interactivity. For instance, players will have the freedom to control their character’s actions, such as using a digging motion to unearth clues, or spinning the handle of a safe using the Wiimote; and the introduction of timed puzzles where, for example, players must race up a set of stairs from a boat docked below."

Actually sounds promising, however there is alittle fear in my mind that this developer will be alittle trigger happy when using the Wiimote for actions in the game. Even though this might be the case, we'll have to wait and see when the game actually comes out later this year.

"We are very excited to take this new direction with our adventure titles and are certain that our fans will find Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None to be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Wii," said Richard Wah Kan, President and CEO of The Adventure Company. "Many PC adventure game fans are having a great time with the Wii and we’d like to be the first to deliver them games they love on a console they’ve embraced."

We'll bring you updates as and when they appear over the next few months.