Sega promise that Sonic and the Secret Rings has been under development for a significant amount of time and could well be classed as the first game in the "second wave" of Wii games after the consoles launch late last year. Sonic is easily one of the biggest franchises in the video games industry so this new "angle" has alot to live upto. Sega launched the game last week in the US and today in Europe. Will it live upto our high expectations? We'll post a review as soon as we know!

"The game opens as Sonic is mysteriously transported to the world of The Arabian Nights where he encounters a mystical genie, Shahra. Shahra pleads with Sonic to save her world from the powerful evil genie, Erazor Djinn. As the story unfolds, Erazor confronts Sonic and pulls him into his evil plans. Sonic has a limited time to deliver Erazor the seven World Rings and save the storybook world.

Navigating a world full of obstacles and enemies, from Erazor’s genie minions to dinosaurs, players will use a host of core moves to keep up the blistering pace. Holding the Wii Remote horizontally, players tilt the controller left and right to control Sonic’s signature speed. They will jump, perform sliding stops, pull off homing attacks with a snap of the controller, and even walk backwards with a tilt of the Wii Remote. Players can hop aboard winged pots and fly with a vigorous shake of the controller, as well as launch themselves from catapults with a whip of the Wii Remote. Surf through rapids on tree trunks and pilot flying carpets in the race to restore this storybook world before all is lost!

With exciting new depth and strategy, players will navigate 100 missions within eight wildly varied worlds, gaining new moves and abilities along the way. As players progress through the game, Sonic’s abilities can be strategically equipped based on the demands of the mission ahead. From a boost called Speed Break to an ability called Time Break that slows the world around him to a near stop, Sonic will need every trick in the book to make sure Erazor Djinn stays in the storybook world.

In addition to the engaging single player adventure, Sonic and the Secret Rings offers 40 mini-games that support up to four players. Showcasing the abilities of the Wii Remote, players will use the controller as a violin bow, an ax, a canoe paddle and dozens of other motions to compete in these hilarious and easy to pick-up-and-play games."

We'll be snagging some copies and should have a review up over the next week or two.