Square seem rather happy with themselves for this release, let me hand you over to John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix.

“The arrival of FINAL FANTASY III on Nintendo DS showcases the power of the hardware and proves that no compromise has to be made in order to create an adventure of this magnitude for a handheld system. With over 1.4 million copies already shipped in Japan and North America, we are sure that FINAL FANTASY III will be a big success in Europe too.”

Now over to Hiromichi Tanaka, Director and Executive Producer.

"FINAL FANTASY III has been made anew on the Nintendo DS platform, including new graphics in 3D, rebalanced jobs, and brand new characterisation for the four young heroes. We hope that not only FINAL FANTASY fans, but a wide variety of players in Europe, enjoy the new FINAL FANTASY III.”

Mark your calenders.