Whilst we're still reserving our judgement on the game (yes, that means a review will come along soon) we noticed that EuroGamer.net didn't think to much to it, they today published their review.

"All of which is a shame, really, because it's clear that these chaps could do a very good Wii snowboarding game from the ground up, given the time and resources. Perhaps that's what EA will try next, and I do hope so, because there's much promise here. In the meantime, SSX Blur is worth a go if you can put up with a few moments of frustration and the feeling of being slightly detached from your achievements, but those in search of a good snowboarding game would do better to stick with the good snowboarding games that EA has already made."

Whilst this sound like the game is promising, it also suggests that the game is alittle rushed... we'll know for ourselves soon enough.

[source eurogamer.net]