Hijacking auctions is not a new concept, its plagued many legitimate auctions before. What happened in this NES auction was the simply case of a few jealous sellers trying to maximize their own sales.

The seller 'sonyabscott' had these words to say in their auction:
Last night this auction's high bidder was bidding $244,500.00 for this auction. I recieved 294 messages yesturday just because people were curious and wanted to know why it was that high. Even though it would be nice to get that it is not realistic. I appreciate all the encouraging words from fellow Ebayers. After investigating and aggressive contacting was done it was found to be that a group of as much as 22 people scammed / and purposely esculated this auction to amost a quarter million dollars. I write this to warm other sellers to watch carefully for these.

One of the scammers actually emailed me back, and I told them they would remain anonymous, told me - quote: "we do not like someone selling all these NES games (670) at once because it takes away from all of us that try and sell them individually for more profit in the long run:" - end quote. I wish my ebay friends would understand that only 1 person will win this auction not everyone, so I in no way will intefere with other sellers. They are just like me.

At this point the some bids stands as legitimate as they have contacted me via Ebay messages and left information that confirms them as potential buyers. But I am still monitoring and waiting for a few contacts.

Undeterred by the hijackers, sonyabscott has stated the collection is still for sale- Check it out for yourselves.

It's a shame to see a few people wanting to spoil what is quite the historical auction. Hopefully the re-listing will be more sucessfull.

[source cgi.ebay.ca]