Rocking and Rolling

TheGameFeed have reported that Guitar Hero II will be coming to the Wii in Activisions next "fiscal year". This effectively means April 2007 to March 2008. The launch window is quite large but heres hoping it will be nearer to the earlier date, even if a late 2007 release is more likely.

As well as keeping us guessing to the definite release date of the game, Activision haven't yet disclosed the actual play dynamics. We do not yet know how the Wii-mote / Nunchuk will factor in playing the game or if the classic interactivity of an included guitar peripheral will be used. A combination of the two could be worked: placing the Wii-mote in the guitar shell, so while impersonating your favourite guitarist's skills you could pull off moves such as the "Busted jump" and be awarded marks for style. Although that particular example may lose you points in coolness.
More details should (hopefully) be released soon and as soon as they do we will let you know.

The confirmation of Guitar Hero II is not the most exciting news however, at least in this reporter's opinion; A Transformers game is to be released by the same developer. Maybe this is already common knowledge, but for those that missed it while our attention is firmly focused on the upcoming TF film, it comes as great news. Just like Guitar Hero all that has been released is that the intention of making the game, so again we will have to wait and see. Spider-Man and Shrek movie tie-ins are also on the development table.

As Optimus Prime may have said to this news: "Transform, and Rock & Roll Out."