That's Some Exciting Stuff

As we all know, today is the official PAL release day for Excite Truck (which is actually a pretty decent game). But what most did not know was that it would also be the release date for Excitebike as well. How... exciting!

There are a couple other familiar titles in this weeks release, including that fat pink blob the Americans got on Monday, as well as the popular space shooter R-Type. Alas, no Kid Icarus or Ice Climbers for us yet.

Anyways, here is the breakdown for the week:

NES: 500 Points

  • Excitebike™ (1 player)
  • Kirby's Adventure™ (1 player)

SNES: 800 Points

  • R-TYPE III™ The Third Lightning (1-2 players)

TurboGrafx: 600 Points

  • New Adventure Island™ (1 player)

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