Elebits has been available in the US and Japan for a while now and has had many positive reviews. It has settled in under the moniker of Elebits very comfortably but now as it comes to Europe in February it will come with a new name; 'Eledees'. The reason behind the change has not been told nor can the reason be worked out, as there was nothing wrong with its original name.

The word 'Elebits' does not really mean anything, the same goes for 'Eledees' so what could be the reason?. Maybe it sounded too close a defamatory word in a language inside of Europe but then again, Nintendo did not really care about the bodily fluid sounding name of the actual console. Us in PAL territories will have to just get used to the new name while we continue to wait. Maybe it was this name change that has caused us to wait a very long time for a very promising game.

Feel free to comment on the change, which one do you prefer?

[source uk.wii.ign.com]