The Nintendo Of US and A President, Reggie, was quizzed by CNET's Rich DeMuro. The interview was recorded and thrown online for us all to see.

Reggie looked as calm as ever, but completely deflected the whole "one more secret" rumour that'd currently been buzzing around the Internet. I probably believe him, they've told us pretty much everything about Wii's initial capabilities. You really never know with Nintendo though, they are very good at lying in interviews. Remember the whole "No. There is not a redesigned DS on the way" saga. Take everything with a pinch of salt.

"When asked about the Wii's recent appearance on South Park, Reggie said "It's fantastic to be in popular culture that way." He expressed confidence that the Wii will continue to show up in mainstream entertainment, saying "I'll tell you this: It's not going to be the last." "Because we've captured the imagination of so many people who create entertainment on their own, there's just more and more content coming."

Reggie also explained that the demand for Wii has been impressive and its not Nintendo's fault if they sell out on day one, there making as many as they physically can. After all, it is a pretty impressive feat to have 4 million units of any product at launch, thats a huge investment by the company.

Good work Reggie, we salute you.