Since it's start back in 1996 with Pokémon Red and Blue, the Japanese anime inspired franchise has been one of the best selling video game series ever, and a major earner for Nintendo. Mix this with the tremendous success of the DS, and you got to have a smashing success, right?

In fact, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl is a record breaking success, it was released in Japan a week ago, and it has already sold 1.6 million copies, in only one week. This is better than any other Pokémon game, and in comparison, Pokémon Gold/Silver sold 1,425,768 copies during it's first week, with the Advance series Ruby/Sapphire right behind, hitting 1,245,003 copies.

The game is a roleplaying game, and is set in the snowy and mountainous area of Shin'ou. The story of the game follows a young adventurer, who wants to become the champion of the Pokémon league, collecting and training various species of Pokémon along the way.

It is still unknown whether or not we'll see this game in Europe, but it will hit store shelves in the US later this month.