Since it's start back in 1987, the Mega Man series have proven to be one of Capcom's most popular franchises, and it has spawned several unique series. Star Force is the first game in such a series, and the third mega man game to appear on Nintendo's newest handheld console, and from what we've seen, it seems like the game will keep the quality from it's predecessors.

The game will mark the 20th anniversary of the popular franchise, and it's Developed by the team behind the popular Mega Man Battle Network series. Story wise the title will feature a fresh and new story line, with completely new characters and themes of astronomy and electric wave signals.

Set in the future world of 22XX, Mega Man Star Force introduces a new lead character, a boy named Subaru Hoshikawa, whose astronaut father has disappeared after a mysterious incident at the satellite station. Spending time with his father, Subaru got interested in the stars, and something leads to another, and suddenly it's the young astronaut's job to save the world from a mysterious alien life who escaped from the planet FM.

The game will feature a new combat system, both familiar and new foes, and a interesting multiplayer mode.

Mega Man Star Force is scheduled for release in fall 2007.