IGN have today reported that publisher Midway is set to extend its support for Wii by releasing an updated version of the popular PS2 title, Rampage: Total Destruction.

"Rampage: Total Destruction for Wii will feature an additional 10 creatures over the previous games, upping the roster to some 40 beasties. Each will include individual super moves and exclusive combo attacks. Notable characters include George, Lizzie, Ralph, Sarah the Spider, Plucky the Chicken and Fifi the Rabid French Poodle. The game will also spotlight seven different city backdrops, from Chicago and Hong Kong to London, each with destructible environments. And finally, the version will boast improved visuals."

This addtional 3rd party support comes soon after the mother load of Ubisoft titles announced yesterday, Midway claim to be very happy about developing for Wii.

"We are extremely excited to be bringing the mayhem of Rampage: Total Destruction to the Nintendo Wii," said Steve Allison, chief marketing officer, Midway. "With updated graphics and even more extreme monsters, fans of this classic arcade series, as well as new players, will have more than a handful this winter."

The 3rd party support keeps rolling, we'll let you know more when we get it.

[source wii.ign.com]