It's been a little while since someone said they knew the Wii date & price. It seems sources have told IGN that the elusive date will be either November 2nd or November 12th - possibly depending on region.

"A number of big-name publishers are set to release their Wii games in mid-to-late October, which suggests that a system debut could not be that far off. And several insiders have told IGN that November 2 could, in fact, be the big day."

This date has been widely supported over the past few weeks, but its still a total lottery as to knowing the real launch date.

The media giants also suggest that the console will launch for $229, with today's extremely strong exchange rate thats a mere £120. It's also suggested that the console will be available in either black or white at launch, with additional colors being introduced early next year.

We're pretty sure the price will be $225~250 and will be available in those two colors. The big question is still the release date. C'mon Nintendo, put us out of our misery.

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