Today details have emerged about Ubisoft's Red Steel first person shooter set to release as a launch title for Nintendo Revolution.

The rapid response unit over at Wikipedia have been compiling all this information into a nicely sized article for all to read. The article covers the basis of the game, the back story and most importantly the gameplay and control system.

"The game will take full advantage of the Revolution's unique motion-sensitive controller, along with the "nunchaku" attachment. Some ideas of the game that have been confirmed are the use of a katana and a gun. It has been confirmed that the game will be extremely immersive (e.g.: twisting the controller while handling the gun causes the gun to twist as well). Players can push objects to use them as cover by pushing the controller forward. Pulling the controller backwards reloads the gun. One can also lob grenades in a more realistic fashion, with underhand or overhand, employing the controller as the thing one 'throws'."

We're yet to see some digital screenshots of Red Steel, but rest assured they should be available very soon, in the mean time throw your browser over to Wikipedia to get the juicy details.