Uwe Boll is some what of a legend when it comes to film making, he's right up there with Paul WS Anderson of Resident Evil fame. For those of you poor souls that are unfamiliar with his work, watch his masterpiece "House Of The Dead" - yes, its based on the Sega video game. Oh, and if you liked that, check out his version of "Alone In The Dark" as well.

Boll's latest game-to-film project, BloodRayne, is completed. The project has an estimated budget of $25,000,000, impressive Hollywood cast list, surely this will finally be a decent game based movie?

Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) stars as the heroine, Rayne. She's joined by Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, House Of Sand And Fog, Sexy Beast), Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs) and Michelle Rodriguez (LOST, SWAT, Resident Evil). This is easily his best casting session to date. It seems Hollywood is really taking note of the growing swarm of game based films.

We weren't suprised to read that BloodRayne Officially Sucks according to EuroGamer.net.

"In news that will come of absolutely no surprise to anyone at all, Uwe Boll's latest big screen video game adaptation has been slammed by US critics following its Stateside release."

What a shame. IMDB users reflect this, the movie currently has an average rating of 2.3/10 with almost 2,000 people actually bothering to vote. In true "Producers" style, Uwe's "talents" are starting to cause speculation that maybe there is more money to be made with a failure than a hit.

Don't ask me why, but for some unknown reason I have a passion for game-movies, no matter how bad they all are. With that in mind we'll be covering a lot of future game-movies and maybe even review some of them.

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