Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: The Hornist's Dramatic Escape! Walkthrough 1
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings back the four Great Fairies of Hyrule, and not only have they all moved, they also require a bit more work to unlock.

Mija is the second Great Fairy we encountered on our journey, and before you can complete the Serenade to Mija Side Adventure, you need to find the Stable Trotter's missing player — the hornist. This leads us to The Horniest's Dramatic Escape Side Adventure.

If you haven't unlocked Tera yet, you'll need to complete Serenade to a Great Fairy first. If you're looking for the other Great Fairy Fountains, check out our All Great Fairy Fountain Locations guide.

Here's where to find The Hornists Dramatic Escape!, as well as how to complete it.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find The Hornist - The Hornist's Dramatic Escape! Walkthrough

Where to find The Hornist's Dramatic Escape!

If you've already met Mastro and Violynne at Snowfield Stable and got the Serenade to Mija Side Adventure, then you'll know Eustus the horn player was last seen near Tabantha Bridge Stable. If you're following the story in the recommended order, you might even get this quest before learning about the Great Fairies on the way to Rito Village.

Warp to the stable and then follow the path west. As you go around a corner, you'll see a hole with smoke coming out of it. Drop down to find the missing hornist Eustus and you'll get The Hornist's Dramatic Escape Side Adventure.

How to complete The Hornist's Dramatic Escape!

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: The Hornist's Dramatic Escape! Walkthrough 5
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This is a fairly straightforward but fiddly quest that requires you to use Ultrahand to build a vehicle to get Eustus and his carriage out of the hole.

You'll need to use hot air balloons and Flame Emitters to do this. But the ride must also be stable enough for Eustus, otherwise, he'll complain. You also need to leave the seats empty or else Eustus will have nowhere to sit.

Create your contraption using the items around you — namely, the square-shaped platform, the Flame Emitters, and the balloons — and ensure it's stable. Then move the vehicle to the wall and talk to Eustus to tell him to get in. Activate the device and let it ride up, then move him onto solid ground. As long as it doesn't break, your venture is successful.

Eustus will give you three courser bee honey as a reward — a rather hard-to-find ingredient, and one that you'll need for the Honey, Bee Mine Side Adventure later on. You can now warp back to Snowfield Stable and complete the Serenade To Mija quest.

That's the first Great Fairy unlocked. Don't forget to check out their locations on the map in our Great Fairy Locations guide. And we have more hints and tips in our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.