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If you've played Breath of the Wild, you've likely got some fond memories of East Necluda's Lurelin Village. In Tears of the Kingdom, however, there are some unpleasant rumours going around about the seaside town, and it's up to you to investigate.

The Ruffian-Infested Village Side Adventure is an easy-to-understand quest but it might take some clever combat skills to get through. If you're looking for a list of every single quest check out our list of All Side Adventures.

Here's where to find Lurelin Village, how to get the Ruffian-Infested Village Side Adventure, and how to find and defeat all of the monsters invading Lurelin Village.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Ruffian-Infested Village Walkthrough

Where to find Lurelin Village?

Lurelin Village is located in East Necluda, on the very far southeast corner of the map. It's right next to Dragon's Tear #7, south of Mount Dunsel, and east of Tuft Mountain.

The closest stable is Lakeside Stable in Faron to the far west, while the closest Skyview Tower is Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower, which you can glide southeast from to get to the village.

The town is in an entirely optional region of Hyrule, so you'll need to go far off the beaten path to visit.

Where to get Ruffian-Infested Village Side Adventure

On your first visit to Lookout Landing and after you've activated the Skyview Tower, if you speak to one of the shopkeepers — Garini — you'll hear that they're from Lurelin and that there are rumours the village has been attacked by pirates. You'll get the Village Attacked by Pirates Side Quest, which should give you a hint on where to go and why you should go to Lurelin.

When you eventually make your way to East Necluda, activate Sifumim Shrine just west of Mount Dunsel (or warp there if you already have it activated). Near the Shrine you'll spot Rozel and Bolson, who tell you about the monster invasion.

Rozel then gives you the Ruffian-Infested Village Side Adventure.

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How to complete Ruffian-Infested Village Side Adventure

This is a monster-invasion quest, which means you need to defeat every single enemy in the village to complete it. Once you're in the vicinity of the village, you'll see a 'Monster Forces' health bar pop up — this is the cumulative total health of all of the monsters in the village.

The mobs include strong enemies such as Black Bokoblins, Boss Bokoblins, and elemental Lizalfos. You need to find and defeat all of the enemies in the village. As such, we recommend using your best weapons, bringing lots of healing food, and using elemental items and bombs to deal damage to the larger groups. If you've completed any of the Regional Phenomena quests so far, turn your Vows on because your allies' skills will be useful for the fights ahead.

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If you happen to die while trying to liberate the village, you will need to start the quest from the beginning, with the Monster Forces back up to full health. We'll list all of the mobs' locations in the village below.

Once you've defeated all of the enemies, you'll be rewarded with a brand new Side Adventure — Lurelin Village Restoration Project!

All Lurelin Village Monster Locations

Here is a list of locations where to find all of the monsters in Lurelin Village. They're not too hard to spot, though one, in particular, requires a bit more searching to sniff out.

Monster Mob #1 - Entrance

As you enter the village head left towards the well where you'll find a group of enemies inhabiting a large building space.

Monster Mob #2 - East of the bay

On the lower part of the village just to the right-hand side of the bay where the pirate ship is.

Monster Mob #3 - Pirate ship

There's a large pirate ship in the centre of the bay. Get on board (using either the wooden lookouts or the buildings) and take down the enemies — this is where the Boss Bokoblin is, and he'll be tougher to take down.

Monster Mob #4 - Mayor's house

You'll find the next mob near where the mayor's house used to be, northwest of the boat and bay. There are some sneaky Lizalfos here, so get rid of them if you can quickly.

Monster Mob #5 - Down the well

The last 'mob' is actually just one enemy hiding down Lurelin Village Well, close to where you fought the first mob. You'll see smoke coming out of the well if you look closely. Head down there and give the Bokoblin a whack.

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With Lurelin Village liberated, you can now make a start on helping Bolson to rebuild the village in the Lurelin Village Restoration Project. But if you're looking for some other quests, make sure you check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.