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The Yiga Armour set is one of the most useful armour sets you can find in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Not only does this outfit allow you to pose as a Yiga Clan member and easily infiltrate the Yiga Clan HQ (and avoid plenty of scraps in the Depths) but it also enhances Link's sneaky stealth abilities, making it a must-have for fans of sneakstrikes.

In order to help you grab all three pieces of this armour with the minimum amount of hassle, we've put together a quick guide to the locations of the Yiga Armour, Mask and Tights. Let's take a look!

How To Get The Yiga Armour Set

There are three secret Yiga outposts spread across the surface of Hyrule and you'll need to find all of them and defeat a handful of foes in order to pick up the mask, armour and tights that make up this full set.

Yiga Armour

First off you need to head to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the northeastern tip of the world map. Once you get here and attempt to enter the building, you'll be attacked by two Yiga foes. Defeat them then enter the now unlocked door to get your hands on the Yiga Armour.

Yiga Mask

Now head to the Yiga Camp in the southeast of the Great Plateau, in the small wooded area slightly to the right of Mount Hylia.

Once here you'll have to battle a further two assailants before grabbing your Yiga Mask from the NPC. Not that you'll need to glide down into this base from a nearby hill as it's well protected by wooden spikes.

Image: Nintendo Life

Yiga Tights

Finally, we want to head off to Aldor Foothills, which is just slightly southeast of Snowfield Stable in the Tabantha Tundra. Your closest fast travel point to here is the Kiuyoyou Shrine, or Lindor's Brow Skyview.

Once here, you'll need to enter the cave and fight a few more Yiga Clan members. With that done, ascend upwards through the hole in the ceiling near the main entrance to a secret room, rescue the tailor and get your Yiga Tights.

Now that you've got the full set, you can dress up as a Yiga Clan member and head to Gerudo to grab the Lightning Helm, Yiga Paraglider Fabric and Earthquake ability from Yiga HQ.

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