Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Defeat Queen Gibdo 1
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While the Lightning Temple plays out the most like a traditional Zelda dungeon, the boss structure is a fair bit different to many of the series' other encounters. This is your final encounter during the Riju of Gerudo Town Main Quest.

For one, you've already met Queen Gibdo earlier in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This time, she's back with a vengeance, and an army of Gibdos to nibble away at your. We don't want to think about that. This may well be your last boss before the "spoiler-filled" section of the game if you're following the Regional Phenomena guide in order. So this makes this the hardest of the four main bosses.

Here's how to defeat Queen Gibdo, the boss of the Lightning Temple.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Defeat Queen Gibdo

How to prepare for Queen Gibdo

This is another boss fight that largely relies on your companion's ability — you can circumvent that for the boss, however, if you have some yellow chuchu jelly and shock fruit. If you run of of electric-based attacks, you can use red chuchu jelly or fire fruit as a substitute.

You will, though, need Riju's Lightning ability if you want to destroy the hives during the fight. This is the only attack that will make them collapse, and to stop too many enemies from spawning, we recommend you get rid of them. Bomb Flowers are also really useful for getting rid of the Gibdos during the fight.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Defeat Queen Gibdo 2
Image: Nintendo Life

How to defeat Queen Gibdo

Phase 1

The first part of this fight plays out the same as your miniboss encounter outside of the Lightning Temple. But we'll run over the basics again.

Queen Gibdo has two main attacks in the first phase — she will either get on her back legs and stomp on you, or she'll flap her wings to summon sandstorms. Stay away from her, and run left or right if you spot the tornadoes.

You need to get her outer shield down by hitting her with lightning-based attacks, so use Riju to help make this easier. When she's exposed, you can either chip away at her or hit her again with Riju's lightning to stun her. This will give you a clean opportunity to do a lot of damage.

When she's down to half health, the second phase of the fight will begin.

Phase 2

Now the hives come into play. Not only do Gibdos spawn throughout the fight, but you'll notice that the hives actually block light from getting into the temple.

Using Riju's lightning, destroy the hives as quickly as possible — this will expose the room to light and stop enemies from spawning. If you stand in the light, it will also protect you from the smaller enemies, which is a really nice bonus.

Queen Gibdo's attacks are basically the same, but she'll fly around a lot more now. You need to keep on the move as much as possible and use Riju's lightning attacks when you get a chance. Don't be afraid to use your strongest weapons here.

Eventually, Queen Gibdo will succumb to the storm, and disappear. You'll get a Heart Container for your trouble, along with some backstory.

Back in Gerudo Town, the sandstorm has now cleared (meaning you can explore the desert to your heart's content) and the Gerudo are back living above ground. Riju is now the Sage of Lightning and will give you the Vow of Riju, Sage of Lighting, giving you that devastating lightning attack

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