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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gives you a fantastic amount of choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing weapons and then fusing them with all manner of materials in order to give them weird and wonderful buffs and boosted attributes.

There's a truly enormous selection of weapons to discover and pair with the Best Armour. In order to help guide you towards the very best TOTK weapons, we've assembled this list of our favourite weapon types and overall combinations thus far (plus where to find them, of course), as well as our picks for the best early-game weapons which will help you get started in the early hours of your adventure.

Note. This TOTK weapons guide is a work in progress and we may well add new entries soon as we discover even better weapon options in this enormous game.

Let's take a look!

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Best Weapons Guide

First, we begin with the best early weapons. These swords, shields, hammers, clubs and more will help you survive and make life easier as you work your way through the early part of Tears of the Kingdom.

Remember, you can use the Fuse ability to bolster even the lowliest implement into a Bokoblin-boshing stick o' doom. Also, Fusing something to your shield can be a great way to bolster your offensive effectiveness, as you can see in Alex's video below:

Best Early-Game Weapons

Flame-Emitter Shield

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Is it strictly a weapon? It shoots fire, so yes.

Fusing a flame-emitter to any old shield gives you a means of effective crowd control early in the game. Setting fire to both enemies and your surroundings is not only great fun, but the fire also spreads meaning that maximum carnage should ensue.

Just whip your shield out and it automatically starts belching flames, a perfect way to wrongfoot opponents who will then be too busy hopping around in flames to notice you following up with some sweet bow headshots.

Bokoblin Arms

Readily accessible from the get-go, Bokoblin arms may be very weak on their own, but the real trick with these reasonably powerful weapons is to fuse two together, giving you a high attack stat of +50 which is more than enough to keep you well and truly out of danger early doors.

Soldier Reaper

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You can find this reasonably powerful reaper on Great Sky Island, the game's tutorial area, and it'll keep you right against any foes you'll happen across during this portion of the game.

Construct Bow

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In terms of starter bows, the Construct offering has decent power, especially when you Fuse materials to your arrows (by pressing up on the D-pad and selecting, say, a Fire Fruit) to explosive effect.

These bows also have good durability which is a real bonus if you're low on options early in the game.

Bouncy Spear

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If fun was a weapon stat, the Bouncy Spear would be at the top of many lists, as it allows you to smash your enemies and have them bounce off into the distance.

Easy to make — just Fuse a mushroom with a spear — and great for controlling space, this is a must-have in your inventory when starting out.

Rock Hammer

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You'll make this fusion of Rock + Sword/Hammer early on in order to blast boulders out of your way — boulders you would traditionally need to bomb — and it's a weapon that's well worth having a few of at any time as it deals good damage to smaller enemies that you'll encounter as your adventure gets underway.

Best Weapons

Here we look at the best overall weaponry and where to find it.

Well, at least the stuff we've found so far. Watch out for updates in the future as we continue exploring this huge game.

Master Sword

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We've put the most obvious one first. No list of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom would be complete without this legendary sword.

It may not have the highest attack power but it can be fused with any part giving you tons of flexibility, and it can't break!

Make sure to check out our full guide on how to get your hands on the Master Sword.

Royal Guard's Claymore

This non-decayed version of the two-handed beast is pretty hard to locate if you don't know where to look, but it's worth seeking out for its high attack power and a special ability which sees it increase in power as it reaches breaking point.

To grab the clean, non-decayed version of the claymore, we recommend heading to Hyrule Castle Sanctum, to the exact location shown on our map above.

Otherwise, you can still pick up the decayed version by jumping down the Lookout Landing well and busting some boulders to reveal a chest in the back of the cave.

Top tip: Add a Lynel Silver Horn to the decayed version to max its attack power to a whopping 174!

Royal Guard's Bow

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With a high attack stat and speedy rate of fire, the Royal Guard's bow is a must-have item for powerful ranged offensives. Yes, it has terrible durability, so use it sparingly, but it tops pretty much every other bow in the game for base attack power.

The only real drawback here (pun absolutely intended) is that in order to grab the bow, you'll need to make a trip to the Sanctum area in Hyrule Castle. Look directly across from where you got the Royal Guard's Claymore to see it on a ledge above the main entrance hall.

It's not the easiest place to reach but a bunch of elixirs or a clever flying contraption will get sneaky players in there as required.

Fierce Deity Sword

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We've already detailed the ins and outs of getting your mitts on this sword, and it's absolutely worth grabbing as it has 38 attack power and, well, it just looks really cool and goes well with our full Fierce Deity armour set.

It's worth noting too that, once the sword breaks, you can purchase another one with Poes from a Bargainer Statue.

Zonaite Weapons

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These widely available weapons are great for smashing through dungeons and for use in the Depths. Easy to find, all you need to do is grab one and fuse a Zonai device to it for a notable boost to your attacking power.

Sometimes all you need is a trusty, easy-to-replace sword for smashing through hordes with.

Zora Weapons

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The amazing thing about Zora weapons is that when they get wet their attack power is fully doubled. Doubled! This means that with a little creativity in what you fuse them with, you're looking at huge attack numbers.

Of course, you don't only get this added effect in the rain if you're clever about it and use splash fruit or the right type of Chu Jelly to make sure you're rocking double your base power at all times. Get your Fuse on and you're easily into triple-digit attack stats.

Spiked Iron Ball Hammers

Fuse a spiked iron ball with a sword to create this huge and cumbersome beast that makes up for how slow it is with high attack values and the ability to crush boulder barriers with ease.

You can find spiked iron balls being used as traps in Bokoblin bases, so make sure to nab one and attach it to a nice sword or stick to start bringing the spiky smack down.

Savage Lynel Bow

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This snazzy bow can fire three arrows at once making for huge attack damage if you line your shots up properly. Naturally, it can also handle fused arrows, making for a wealth of choices with regards to how you want to approach foes from range.

In order to nab this bow, you're gonna need to take it out of the cold dead hands of a Lynel, so prepare yourself for a tough scrap, but the resulting triple-shot goodness is more than worth the effort.

Head to North Akkala Valley to seek out a Lynel and nab this bad boy.

Gerudo Scimitar

It may not seem like much at first glance and lacks durability in its base form, but the Gerudo Scimitar is a fantastic weapon on account of the fact it's both extremely quick and can have its attack power greatly enhanced by fusing offense-minded materials.

Fuse the right material here, a Lynel horn for example, and you end up with a super fast and powerful sword that can also be found easily as it's a very common item in the Gerudo region.

Flux Construct Core Weapons

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If you've been wondering what those long and shiny objects are that drop after battling the game's Flux Construct bosses, well, that right there is a Flux Core. Fuse one of these to any weapon for a big attack boost.

We recommend selecting a base weapon with high attack and durability stats to make the most of this material and harder bosses drop better cores so make sure to use them when you get the chance in order to forge yourself some proper heavy-hitters.

Dragon Weapons

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You'll no doubt have noticed the three large dragons twirling through the sky during your exploits across Hyrule. Getting a scale from them gives you material to imbue your weapons with fancy elemental powers ranging from ice to electricity and fire. You'll also get a nice overall power boost.

What's more, while it may look tough, getting a scale or shard from a dragon isn't actually all that difficult. Simply glide on their backs and hack some off or shoot them off from range with your bow.

We're still exploring the kingdom and may well update this guide with more and better weapons. For more help on your journey across Hyrule, check out our full Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for more hints, tips, tricks, and maps.