All Hudson Sign Locations
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Addison is one of the standout new characters in Tears of the Kingdom. An employee of Hudson Construction, which is based in Tarrey Town, Addison's job is to put up signs across Hyrule to promote the great President of the company, Hudson.

The problem is, Addison isn't very good at his job. Throughout your adventure, you'll spot Addison helplessly trying to put up signs in a variety of locations. And you'll need to help him.

We have a list of all Hudson Sign locations throughout Hyrule along with maps, as well as tips on how to prop them up, and what your reward is for putting all the signs up

How many signs are there?

There are 81 Hudson Construction signs that you need to prop up across Hyrule. That means Addison can be found in 81 different locations.

These are only found on the surface of Hyrule, so you won't find Hudson's advertisements in the Sky or the Depths, luckily.

All Addison Locations Map

Below is a map of Hyrule with all Hudson Sign locations marked on it. We've also broken the map down into regions so you can find more specific locations.

All Hudson Signs Hyrule Map
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Akkala Hudson Signs

Akkala Addison Signs
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  1. Just south of South Akkala Stable.
  2. North of Tarrey Town and southwest of Rist Peninsula.
  3. On the pathway between Ordorac Quarry and Octorok Lake. Just north of Sinatanika Shrine.
  4. Far southeast of Tarrey Town by Ulria Grotto. and west of the island chain off the coast of the region.
  5. Just south of East Akkala Stable.
  6. On the path leading to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, which you will visit as part of the Yiga Clan quest.
  7. On a cliff on the northeast side of Skull Lake, which is in the northwest corner of the region.

Central Hyrule Hudson Signs

Hyrule Field

Central Hyrule Addison Signs
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  1. In Hyrule Castle Town Ruins just south of the broken fountain.
  2. West of Lookout Landing right past a three-way split, at the base of Mount Gustaf.
  3. East of Lookout Landing and southeast of Hyrule Castle Town along the path in Mabe Prairie.
  4. On the coast northeast of Applean Forest overlooking Hylia River. Far east of Lookout Landing.
  5. On a hill far east of Lookout Landing, heading towards Rebonae Bridge and the Lanayru Wetlands.
  6. Head to the Exchange Ruins just north of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower and Addison is located near some trees to the east of Mayachin Shrine.
  7. At the Great Plateau, which is south of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Drop down north of Forest of Spirits to spot Addison on a cliffside.
  8. North of Outskirt Stable, simply follow the path towards Manhala Bridge.
  9. The southernmost sign in the area, right next to the Bridge of Hylia and southeast of Scout's Hill.

Hyrule Ridge

Hyrule Ridge Addison Signs
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  1. Climb up west from New Serenne Stable and head to the southern end of the small bog.
  2. Follow the path north of New Serenne Stable past the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins and Tear of the Dragon #1.
  3. On the pathway south of Seres Scablands.
  4. At the top of Mount Rhoam, which is west of Ludfo's Bog and northeast of Tabantha Bridge Stable.
  5. Near the woods by Lake Illumeni and Turakawak Shrine, west of Illumeni Plateau and Tear of the Dragon #6.
  6. On the river bank south of Washa's Bluff next to a pier.
  7. In Nima Plain, east of Satori Mountain and north of Sanidin Park Ruins.

Great Hyrule Forest

Great Hyrule Forest Addison Signs
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  1. To the far north of New Serenne Stable on the path in Rowan Plain. Close to Kiuyoyou Shrine.
  2. On the pathway north of Mount Drena within the Drenan Highlands.
  3. Southeast of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower overlooking Meklar Lake. Head northeast from Sikukuu Shrine or west of Tear of the Dragon #11.
  4. On the north bank of Hyrule Castle Moat next to a pier.

Eldin & Death Mountain Hudson Signs

Eldin Addison Signs
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  1. Just north of Thims Bridge in Trilby Plain.
  2. On a cliff north of Pico Pond, northeast of Woodland Stable
  3. Follow Gonbori River up north towards Goron City to find the sign opposite Gonbori River Cave.
  4. To the far east of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, on the path as you approach the Eldin Mountains from the northwest.
  5. On the southwest side of Death Mountain, just below the Bridge of Eldin.
  6. On the west side of Death Mountain above Death Mountain Foothill Cave entrance.
  7. On the east side of Death Mountain on the side of a cliff.
  8. Among the marshes at Gut Check Rock on the northeast side of the region.
  9. Right by Foothill Stable to the far south of Death Mountain.

Faron Hudson Signs

Faron Addison Signs
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  1. Overlooking the south side of Lake Hylia, right on the shore.
  2. West of Highland Stable on a rocky hillside overlooking Haran Lake and Flural Plain.
  3. Across Menoat River to the far west of Highland Stable, on top of a hill looking over Pappetto Grove.
  4. East of Mount Granajh and South Lomei Labyrinth of a cliffside overlooking the Oseira Plains.
  5. Southeast of Popla Foothills Skyview Tower on a cliff overlooking the Spring of Courage and Dracozu Lake.
  6. Northeast of Lakeside Stable right next to Floria Bridge.
  7. On the path heading east towards Lurelin Village just next to Temto Hill.

Gerudo Desert & Highlands Hudson Signs

Gerudo Addison Signs
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  1. As you enter Gerudo Canyon Pass from Digdogg Suspension Bridge you'll see Addison as you head south.
  2. Follow the path past Stalry Plateau and through Yarna Valley. You can head southeast from Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.
  3. Northeast of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower next to the path heading into Koukot Plateau.
  4. Just to the east and below Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, next to some crates.
  5. Just south of Gerudo Canyon Stable.
  6. In the Gerudo Highlands, southwest of Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower on top of a small plateau overlooking the desert.
  7. Head east from Gerudo Town past the enemy hideout and you'll see Addison hiding out in a small abandoned base, next to some wooden slats and crates.
  8. In the southwest corner of the East Barrens. Head southwest from Siwakama Shrine or head east from Karahatag Shrine or the Lightning Temple. Addison is on a cliff overlooking two sand dunes.

Hebra & Tabantha Hudson Signs

Hebra Addison Signs
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  1. West of Tabantha Bridge Stable, across the Tabantha Great Bridge.
  2. On the path towards Kolami Bridge.
  3. South of Rito Village on the circular path going around Lake Totori. Go southwest from Lucky Clover Gazette.
  4. North of Rito Village and just southeast of Rospro Pass Skyview Tower.
  5. South of Sturnida Secret Hot Spring and the Sturnida Basin, by a dock on the southern half of Lake Kilsie.
  6. On the south side of Hebra Mountains, southwest of Talonto Peak.
  7. Southeast of Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower overlooking the Tabantha Snowfield to the east.
  8. In North Tabantha Snowfield. Northeast of Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower, and southeast of Tear of the Dragon #8.
  9. On the pathway leading to Great Hyrule Forest northeast of Snowfield Stable.
  10. Southwest of Snowfield Stable.

Lanayru Hudson Signs

Lanayru Addison Signs
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  1. In the Lanayru Wetlands on Mercay Island, the largest island which also has a chasm. It's just north of Jonsau Shrine.
  2. By the path that runs alongside Zora River, north of Boné Pond, and just west of Inogo Bridge.
  3. South of Zora's Domain, by the bridge right over Ruto Lake.
  4. Northeast behind Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.
  5. In the southern part of the region at Brynna Plain, underneath the cliff where Apogek Shrine is.
  6. On the peninsula south of the Lanayru Sea and south of Tear of the Dragon #9 at Lodrum Headland. Addison is overlooking the Bay to the east.
  7. On the west side of Lanayru Bay on the coast.
  8. South of Kurakat Shrine, and northeast of Kakariko Village.

Necluda Hudson Signs

Necluda Addison Signs
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  1. Across Owlan Bridge by Batrea Lake on the island where Tear of the Dragon #4 is.
  2. South of Eagus Bridge on the island where Tear of the Dragon #4 is.
  3. On the path west of Kakariko Village, just northeast of Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower.
  4. Follow the path east out of Kakariko Village and you'll find Addison propping up a sign between Pillars of Levia and Bonooru's Stand.
  5. East of Dueling Peaks Stable on top of a rock in the centre of Ash Swamp.
  6. Heading into East Necluda on the path between Cliffs of Quince and Robred Dropoff.
  7. On top of a small plateau next to Nirvata Lake at Ovli Plain.
  8. Mount Lanayru, on the northeast side, northeast of Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.
  9. At the three-way split in Midla Woods leading to Hateno Village.
  10. To the far east of Hateno Village at Mapla Point.
  11. Northeast of Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower amidst a small forest, and south of Meda Mountain.
  12. East of Lurelin Village, on a cliff just above Tear of the Dragon #7.

How to support the Hudson Signs

When you find Hudson during your adventures around Hyrule, he will usually be next to a pile of materials — such as wooden plants, beams, boulders, metal sheets, or similar.

Every single sign you come across will be a slightly different shape — some will have two or three signs on them, while others will be propped up on a slope. You need to use the terrain, materials, and the sign's shape to figure out how to prop the signs up.

Using Ultrahand, grab the materials you want to use and put them together in whatever way you think will help. Then, you will need to push it up against the sign. You and put your structure underneath, in front, or on either side of the sign.

Once you are satisfied, talk to Addison and tell him to let go of the sign. He will, and if it stays upright, you'll get rewards — rupees, a food item, and a random free gift such as sleepover tickets or flower bombs.

Note: When Addison lets go of the sign, it does not need to be perfectly upright — just upright enough. This is hard to judge, but basically, it can tilt forward or to the side a little bit. So don't aim for perfection.

What is the reward for putting up all Hudson Signs?

Finding all 81 Hudson Construction signs is time-consuming, but the reward is worth it.

Once you have helped Addison for the 81st time, he will give you an extra reward — Addison's Fabric for your paraglider.

Hudson Signs Complete
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