Mario Kart Racing Wheel

Gaming accessory maker Hori is set to release a Mario Kart Racing Wheel for Nintendo Switch, with two versions now appearing at various retailers. If you're hoping to track one down or learn more about it, you've certainly come to the right place.

Both wheels come with pedals for that authentic driving experience, but there are some subtle and not-so-subtle differences. Let's quickly take a look at what both the standard and deluxe versions of Hori's Mario Kart Racing Wheel offer:

Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini

For the avid Mario Karter we have the rather cumbersomely named 'Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini' (breathe). Coming in a fetching red and blue with yellow highlights, this entry model still comes with pedals and is perfect for the Mario Kart (or general racing) fan on Switch who wants to take things up a gear. Check out the vital statistics below:


A small steering wheel that is perfect for the kids. Equipped with "item button" and "item hold button" function. It also has a "button assign" function to customize the button layout according to your style.


  • Menu Button
  • Item Holding Function
  • ASSIGN function
  • Cable length (Racing Wheel) - 3 m
  • Cable length (Foot Pedal) - 1.5 m
  • Main unit connection - USB Type-A
  • Diameter - 220mm

Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe

For the more discerning racing enthusiast, Hori's 'Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe' is no less of a mouthful, but offers clamps and suction cups to affix your wheel to a table for a more substantial, serious racing experience. With pedals included, it's a little less 'loud' but no less proud - one for the hardcore racers, then.


A racing wheel that has the same operation and size as the car wheel with a diameter of 280 mm. It is also equipped with a mode that makes it easier to steer (180 degrees angle), and a "button assign" function to customize the button layout according to your style. In addition, it has a clamp and suction cups that fix your position to make it stable anywhere.


  • Victory mode → Steering angle of the steering wheel can be switched from 270° to 180°
  • Cross button function switched between R stick and L stick
  • ASSIGN function
  • Dead zone adjustment function
  • Linear adjustment
  • Clamp and Suction Cups

At the time of writing, the Deluxe version isn't appearing on Amazon's US or UK sites, although it does appear elsewhere in Europe. The basic model is available worldwide at the time of writing with a mid-November shipping date in the US and an early January date in the UK. We'll update this article if those shipping dates change and when more product listings emerge..

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Fancy jumping into a spot of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with one of these? Make sure to let us know if you decide to grab one of these wheels with a comment below.