Of all the possible 3DS games that Nintendo could have brought to Switch, we have to admit that Miitopia isn't the most obvious choice. However, having played the game and experienced it on Switch — including the overhauled Mii creation suite that's unleashed some incredible Mii-making creativity being shared online — we're quite fond of this light-hearted Mii-filled RPG.

Below we've rounded up the best Miitopia deals we can find in both the UK and the US.

Where To Buy Miitopia In The UK

Just under £33 seems to be the cheapest price for Miitopia on Switch going in the UK right now, although Amazon has some Miitopia-branded sticky notes available if you're willing to pay a premium, and GAME is throwing a lanyard into the bargain, too.

Alternatively, the official Nintendo UK Store is offering a sticker set:

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Where To Buy Miitopia In The US

We can't find any bonuses in the US, just the usual suspects:

Let us know below if you'll be snapping up any of the Miitopia deals above and embarking on an RPG adventure with Tingle, Sonic, one of the kids from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Peter Griffin, Captain America or any of the other impressive Miis created by the game's burgeoning online community.