Super Mario RPG: Johnathan Jones Rematch 1
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Welcome to our post-game guide for the Super Mario RPG remake on Nintendo Switch.

It's time to weigh anchor and revisit one of the fiercest foes in Super Mario RPG — the shark pirate leader himself.

In this guide, we'll tell you where to find Jonathan Jones in the post-game, how to defeat it, and what your reward is for taking it down.

Super Mario RPG: Post-Game Guide - Jonathan Jones Rematch

Where to find Jonathan Jones in the post-game

You'll need to go all the way back to the end of the Sunken Ship to find Jonathan Jones in the post-game. But you don't need to walk all the way there — fast travel to the end of the dungeon using the Map feature in the menu.

Don't forget, you need to have stayed at the Marrymore Hotel suite and spoken to the Frog Sage.

Super Mario RPG: Johnathan Jones Rematch 2
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How to defeat Jonathan Jones in the post-game

Recommended party: Mario (with Bowser & Geno in support)

Unlike every other rematch in Super Mario RPG, this is a one-on-one fight. It's Jonathan Jones versus Mario! You can't use items, which means there's no way to heal up in battle. So you want to prepare Mario accordingly.

Super Mario RPG: Johnathan Jones Rematch 3
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This is how we recommended gearing up Mario:

  • Lazy Shell weapon — it's Mario's best weapon, so you'll do the most damage with this.
  • Lazy Shell armor / Super Suit — The Lazy Shell does decrease Mario's attack stat, but the defense boost means you'll be taking very little damage throughout the fight. The Super Suit might also be good here. If you're confident in your Action Command timing, then you might opt for something else
  • Jinx Belt — The stat boosts here are great, but anything that increases Mario's attack is best here.

Before the fight, you'll be advised to check who is in your active party. The two other characters in the party will be cheering on from the sidelines, and you will get their Ally Buff effects as a result. We recommend putting Geno and Bowser in the active party. Geno boosts your attack and speed, while Bowser boosts your defense.

The fight itself is very straightforward if you follow all of these steps, particularly if you're good at timing your blocks. Jonathan Jones had multiple physical attacks and the Diamond Saw ice spell, which has some tricky timing to it.

All you need to do is attack with normal attacks — no Specials are needed here. Guard if you can. If you miss, Jonathan shouldn't do any more than about 50 points of damage, and Mario's HP should be above 170 at this point.

Super Mario RPG: Johnathan Jones Rematch 6
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When his health is below half, Jonathan will turn red and boost his defense. The tactics are the same, here: just keep chipping away at his health until he goes down.

Bundt post-game reward

For taking this pirate king down a second time, you will be given the Extra-Shiny Stone, which you need to take down the new secret superboss which is only available in the post-game.

Super Mario RPG: Johnathan Jones Rematch 7
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