Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Deep Magma Bog - Expert Badge Challenge - Spring Feet II 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Hello, and welcome to our Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough guides!

Here we'll be guiding you through every level in the game and showing you where to find All Flower Coins, All Wonder Flowers, and All Wonder Seeds. We'll also be providing All Special World Warp Points, All Captain Toad locations (you can't hide from us Captain Toad!), and All Badge Locations. Ready?


Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Deep Magma Bog - Expert Badge Challenge - Spring Feet II - Flower Coins

Now this is perhaps the toughest, or certainly one of the toughest, levels in the game. You're going to need to master both the control of the spring bounce here and your timing/momentum in order to make the tricky jumps required.

Thankfully, this is a short course, you'll see all three flower coins out in the open, it's just getting them that's the issue. We want to understand here that in moving Mario as he jumps, if you get a run-up before you jump, you'll get more air and it's this extra air that'll get you to the tops of the trickier platforms such as the ones at the end near the flag.

Don't be fooled by the cloud enemies, yes they're useful for some extra height, but you don't need them. Momentum is key, the faster you bound across platforms the more height you'll get and the easier it'll be to land the next one.

In very tight spots, such as the last two thin platform jumps to the flag, jump out to the left and right in a "V" shape on top of the thin pillars to get your momentum going then make the jump. This is 100% a frustrating stage but just keep at it and it will happen, eventually!

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