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Raiding with friends is fun! And Pokémon Scarlet and Violet carry on the Galar region's Gigantamax Raid tradition by letting you take on (and catch) powerful Pokémon.

These can sometimes have unique Tera types, but often, the higher-level raids are much easier and more rewarding when taking them down with others. You can also use this guide to take part in the Tera Raid Battle events.

Here's how to host Tera Raids and join Tera Raids.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Tera Raid

When do you unlock Tera Raids?

Tera Raids gradually unlock as you progress through the game, but luckily, you can start doing them as soon as you spot a Tera Raid Crystal out on the field or on the map.

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Initially, you'll only be able to take on 1 and 2-Star Raids, but 3 and 4 will both unlock before you reach the end of the game. You'll be notified as you collect more Gym Badges when you can take on these.

For 5-Star Raids, you need to beat the game. 6-Star Raids, the game's most difficult challenge, take a bit more work to access.

For Raiding online, you can start as soon as you unlock other multiplayer functions — when you reach the first Pokémon Center at Los Platos (East) Pokémon Center.

How to join a Tera Raid online

You can do Tera Raids alone if you want, but the NPC characters aren't always the best companions — especially if you're trying the higher-level raids. PSA: You'll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to take part in online raids.

To join a Raid online, make sure you're connected to the internet (press 'L' on the menu if you aren't). Then, in the Poké Portal menu, select 'Tera Raid Battle'.

Once you connect, you'll see a corkboard adorned with Pokémon silhouettes, Star Ratings, and two options to the left — Link Code and Random.

If you just want to join a specific raid, simply select the picture you want and wait until other members join. When three others join the raid, you'll be able to start the battle. You'll be timed out after 3 minutes.

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The other options also let you join and host Tera Raids online. Random will pop you in a random Tera Raid. You won't find out what you're fighting or what Tera type the enemy is until you see the card with all of the details. Link Code lets you set up a Link Code, which you can share with others. This is really good for Raiding online with friends when you're not in a Union Circle together.

How to host a Tera Raid online

Hosting raids are done slightly differently and aren't done through the Poké Portal.

In the overworld, approach a Tera Raid Crystal. Then, select 'Challenge as a group'. You'll then be prompted on whether you want to set up a Link Code, or whether anyone can join — select 'Let anyone join'.

Then, all you have to do is wait for others to join. Once the party is full, start the raid. Again, you'll have a 3-minute timer.

How to Tera Raid in Union Circle

If you're in a Union Circle with friends, you can all team up and Raid together in a similar manner, and you won't need a Link Code.

Approach a Tera Raid Crystal that is assigned to you — you'll know if it's your Tera Raid Crystal because it will let you go into the menu. If it isn't yours, you'll be prompted with a message telling you whose crystal it is. The person to who the crystal is assigned must initiate the raid.

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Then, to start a Raid, simply select 'Challenge as a group'. Your friends will get a message at the top of their screen stating that you are searching for others to join the raid. Once everyone has joined, you can get Raiding!

We have a feeling Tera Raids will be a big thing for Scarlet & Violet players. Let us know if this guide was helpful below, and be sure to check out our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet walkthrough guides for more hints, tips, and tricks!