How to get Applin in Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

How to get Applin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet takes a bit of patience and a slightly unorthodox approach to Pokémon hunting. Evolving Applin into Flapple or Appletun is something you can do with relative ease, and unlike in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you can get both in your Paldea Pokédex without having to trade.

This guide explains where to find Applin and how to evolve Applin into its two forms.

How to get Applin in Scarlet and Violet

Applin lives in trees in:

Applin location in Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

We’ve had the best luck finding Applin in East Province Area One, so consider focusing your search among the trees southeast of the Area One Pokémon Center. Applin are tiny, so you can’t really spot them in a tree.

Instead, you need to dash into the tree with Koraidon or Miraidon to knock them – and potentially other Pokémon – out. After you defeat the Stony Cliff Titan, You can dash by pressing in the left control stick.

Check the area around the tree to see if you were successful, and if not, find another one and try again.

In Scarlet and Violet’s current state, you may experience a moment of lag before the dash collision animation occurs. After dashing into a tree, make sure to wait until Koraidon or Miraidon comes to a halt before checking to see if Applin fell.

Where to find Applin
Image: Nintendo Life

Applin is a Grass and Dragon dual type, so bring along Fairy, Poison, or Flying for a type advantage. You may want to use False Swipe to avoid knocking it out accidentally as well, along with Thunder Wave or Sing to inflict a status ailment.

How to evolve Applin into Flapple or Appletun

How to evolve Applin
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Applin evolves into Flapple if you use a Tart Apple and into Appletun if you use a Sweet Apple. Both keep the Grass and Dragon typing, though Flapple favors speed and attack, while Appletun is a bit tankier – slow, with higher defense, and specializing in special attack.

You can get both the Tart Apple and the Sweet Apple from Delibird Presents for just over 2,000 Poké Dollars, but only after you earn your third Gym badge – which, if you’re following our recommended route, just so happens to be in Levincia, near where you can catch Applin.

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