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If you're here, you're on the Victory Road path, and this walkthrough is here to guide you towards your next task in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. — the Water-type gym.

Cascarrafa Gym is located in a beautiful white resort area with waterfalls, fountains, and water-powered lifts. It's beautiful, and the music is catchy. And, if you're playing through the gyms in our recommended order, this is your fourth stop on the path to Victory Road.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide: Victory Road - How To Get The Water Badge

How to get to Cascarrafa Gym

Like an oasis in the desert, Cascarrafa is a haven on the southeast side of the Asado Desert. It's directly north of the Bug gym at Cortondo, and in the northeast part of West Province (Area One). It's a long walk, so make use of those Pokémon Centers and the picnic stops!

From Cortondo, head south and west towards a brand new Pokémon Center, past a wind farm, on the other side of the river. Then, head north, cross another river and follow the path northeast to a second Center. You'll also pass by Team Star's Dark Base on the right.

Then, just a few steps away, is Cascarrafa. Enter the city and head to the very top level to find the gym!

Kofu's Wallet - Where To Find Kofu

You won't even get a chance to enter the gym before the leader, Kofu, rushes out of the door and leaves town. The receptionist will leave the building, and ask you to chase after the Water-type gym leader as he's left his wallet behind!

You'll find Kofu at Porto Marinada, which is to the northwest of Cascaraffa. But you'll need to cross the Asado Desert to get there. Again, it's a bit of a trek, so bring your best Pokémon to tackle the wild 'mons and trainers on the way.

When you get to Porto Marinada, head inside the market and approach the apron-wearing leader. His assistant will challenge you to a battle.

This Gym Trainer fights with a level 28 Floatzel and Clauncher. Electric and Grass-type Pokémon are your friends here. After you win, you can give Kofu his wallet back, and the real Gym Test begins

Gym Test - Make The Winning Bid At the Auction

Kofu the Surging Chef is after a rare cooking ingredient, which is being sold at the auction — the wakame seaweed all the way from Hoenn. All you need to do is make the winning bid on the item. Easy!

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Kofu gives you 50,000 Poké Dollars, and all you have to do is select any option until the 50k option comes up. Once it does, select it, and you'll win!

Now you have to head all the way back to Cascarrafa. you can walk, or take a taxi and fly there. Head back to the gym and report to the receptionist to challenge Kofu.

How To Beat Gym Leader Kofu, The Water-type Gym Leader

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With a team full of Water-types, Kofu has two very obvious weaknesses — Grass and Electric. This means that Sprigatito users should be able to make good use of their Floragato. Dolliv, Tadbulb, Pikachu, Pawmo, Luxio, and Breloom are all excellent picks too.

For Crabominable, Kofu's ace, Grass-type's weakness to Ice may harm it, so stick to those Electric-types just in case.

Pokémon Level Type Tera Type
Veluza Lvl 29 Water/Psychic N/A
Wugtrio Lvl 29 Water N/A
Crabominable Lvl 30 Fighting/Ice Water

Cascarrafa Gym Rewards

Once you've flooded the competition, Kofu will hand over the Water Badge and TM022 Chilling Water.

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